Sunday, February 21, 2016

{S.S} Starstruck Medallion Bag

Are getting tired of my creative bags?  I hope not,  I'm actually enjoying finding new ways to decorate these babies.  This round, it's a canvas bag!!  :) 
I used my favorite versatile stamps, Starstruck Madallion and Royal Ink Spot
I stamped the image randomly and enjoyed doing so!!  :) 
Once I ran out of room, I noticed that the bag looked sort of plain. 
So I went through and added Gloss Glastique to the open circles on the tips of the stamp and in the center.  I then place the bag outside exposed to direct sunlight, for about 30 mins. 
The Glastique dried hard and cleared.  It looks so pretty and like added jewels. 

Thanks for taking the time to stop by.
Have a fantastic week. 


1 comment :

  1. Beautiful bag, love the blue against the white and the Glastique does sparkle, I thought you added gems to the bag.