Wednesday, March 26, 2014

{FTH} Sketch #59 w/ a tWiSt: Interacive Cards

Good morning everyone!!
Have you been by FTH today?  Or on Monday?
Well what are you waiting for?  :)  This weeks sketch and twist challenge is up and it's a really fun one.  I love trying new techniques from time to time, so when I saw this weeks twist, i know exactly what I wanted to do!!  :)   Surprise Pop Up card!!
This was my first attempt and I realized, as I was assembling the card and trying to take the folds, I just had too many layers!!  I think 2 layers would be sufficient enough, 2 is pushing it and you don't get crisp folds, so the paper tends not to play nice.  I am using Ali's Kitten, which is simply adorable and the sentiment that peeks up, when you pull on the heart tab; comes with the image. 
Cool right?!?!  I was super excited about the end results.  I am always a little iffy, but this was really cool and fairly easy to put together. 
So here is a look at this week sketch w/ a tWiSt!!
Hope you will join us and looking forward to seeing some cool interactive cards!!


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