Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sewing machine suggestions.....anyone!

Hi everyone-
So I need you help with this!!!  I am searching the market for a new sewing machine!!!  YEAH!!!
I have my eyes on the Singer Curly 8770!!  It looks fantastic......but there are so many mixed reviews out there, for every model that I look at.  

You crafty ladies seem to use them a lot on your cards and pages, so I wondered if you can give me so suggestions of other machines, or if you have the Curly 8770...do you like it, Pros and cons!!

Anything at this point would help a lot!!

Thank you.



  1. If you plan to do lots of sewing sounds like this may be your machine. I recently purchased a Brother machine from CSN stores for under $100 including shipping and I love it.

  2. I use my grandmother's old Elna sewing machine that was handed down to me, works like new, I love it. So I don't know anything about the new machines. I do know that I have seen quite a few ladies that have the Janome Sew Mini for their cards, and it is actually quite cheap which really surprised me. My mom is a sewer/quilter and has a Janome sewing machine and a surger, and she swears by the brand. Here is a link at Hancocks:

    Hope you find something that you love!

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  4. Hi Calypso, If you are new to sewing, you should try the Singer 8763, its beautiful and very easy to use! Hope this helps.

  5. I am new to sewing and embroidery and got this machine. my machine