Thursday, October 7, 2010

Skydiving Birthday surprise!!!

Hi everyone-

**** I'm still on vacation, but wanted to re-port my birthday adventure with you!!!****

I think this will be my last post for the night...I have class in a few hours and I still have to finish reading.

So October 7th, was my birthday!!!!!  YEAH!!!!  It was a normal day for me....or at least I thought, my Patrick brought me home dinner, from our favorite place to get seared tuna and a delicious ice cream cake from B & R.  It was s simple that it was perfect.  I think the older you get, the less birthday bashes don't seem that exciting.

My son had a game this weekend about one hour away from us and I had to take this opportunity to look up scrapbooking stores.  (I have nothing but Michael's...Ehh!!)  I asked Patrick if we could stop and without hesitation said OFCOURSE!!!!!  Not only did my son's team win.....but I got to go scrapbook shopping!!!!  OMG!!! I was in heaven....I got tons of Maya Road wrinkle ribbon, distressed ink, new Basic Grey collections, Cosmo Cricket, Flower Soft, flowers...The ones that everyone uses on their magnolia cards and so much more.  You have to was a big deal because I had to save for many months, since we only have one income and well money is tight.

So I shopped for an hour......and Patrick was very patient, even spoke with another man outside who was talking about his wife's paper crafting addiction!!!  LOL!!!

On our way home Patrick just seemed to get really quite and I asked him if he was ok....I he stated he was just really tired, since the night before he had a gall bladder attack..(these are no joke, they are painful.)
So I understood....He then told me that our friends had something for me and were meeting them at 2. 
We pulled up to a cafe and started talking....All of a sudden Patrick opens the gate entrance to enter the airport.  They wanted me to follow but I was against breaking the rules and getting caught!  Our friend Shari, said that I should I went.  Once entering the gate, Patrick tells me that Shari and Albert got Me a helicopter ride for my birthday!!!  I was super we started walking, with no idea of where the office was

I'm looking down towards the follow as I walk because I had sandals on and the floor was wet, lots of small little rocks and glass.  So I as I look up I see the sign that says Skydiving and everyone has already disappeared around the corner, when the gal comes from around the corner and asks, "So how many of you are jumping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My stomach went the my throat and my heart to my stomach....I was crying and laughing at the same time, I just couldn't believe it.   Patrick and our friends have been planning this for 2 months and NEVER had an idea!!!

So for my birthday I was surprised with a skydiving trip....which is something that I have always wanted to do.I know that I have rambled way too long, so here are the video links to our jump! Enjoy!!!

Calypso's Jump Part 1
Calypso's Jump Part 2
Patrick's Jump Part 1
Patrick's Jump Part 2

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  1. OMG! That was amazing! I have never heard of anyone surprising someone with a jump, I would have been so terrified, lol. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Wow! What an awesome birthday and what a great hubby you have!

  3. Oh Yeah for you guys. You are so pretty Claypso! And what an adventure. Thanks so much for sharing the video you put a huge smile on my face this morning.

    Happy Birthday again!