Saturday, February 20, 2016

{SS} Die-cut Foiled Burlap Bags

Hello Sweeties and HAPPY Saturday!!
I've been on foiling kick, ever since I made my hubby's Valentine's Day card. 
It is so much fun and SUPER easy too!! 
So I found out that I could foil material!!!  Yes!!!! 
I grabbed the most intricate dies from SweetStamps: Flourish Medallions and Mini Medallion and I put this kit to the test.  The Deco Foil Iron Adhesive Sheets: includes5 sheets of bonding paper and parchment  paper too.
My girlfriend, Jennifer sent me these bags that she told me she picked up from Michaels for my birthday.  The instruction how to use this is every simple.  I used dies, so I placed the parchment paper down first, them the rough side of the bonding paper and then my die.  Ran it through my cutter.   Since these dies are so intricate, it took a little bit of work to get the bonding paper out. 
I made sure that the parchment paper was removed from the back of the bonding paper.  Placed the die cut on my burlap bags, sandwiched between two sheets of printer paper and ran it through my laminator!!!  I did run it through my laminator!!!  It was thin enough to feed through with no problem.  So try this at your own risk!!!  :)  Once it cooled, I removed the paper that's on top of the bonding paper.  So by running it through the laminator the first time, we simply bonded/adhered it to the burlap bags, now by removing the thin sheet will expose the adhesive to allow the foil to stick to it!!!  As you can see in the photo above, the far right photo is what it looks like once the paper is removed!!  :) I chose Deco Foil Lime, I trimmed a section of the foil, sandwiched again between the two printer paper and ran it through again.  Let it cool for a few second and lift the foil to reveal the beauty of the foil!!  :) 
Here is a photo of the completed bags!!!!
I have a new addiction and I am loving it!!!

Thank you for swinging by today and make sure you stop by SweetStamps tomorrow, for the start of our new monthly challenge.