Wednesday, January 15, 2014

{SD} #13: Sparkle It UP!!!

Happy Birthday Scribbles Designs!!
Sandy, congratulations on "ONE" amazing year and just to think it's just getting started!!!
I am honored to be going through this journey with you and I am looking forward to another year of amazing creations!!!

So if you did the word hunt, you will remember seeing this portion of my card!!!
Oooh, how I loved this snip!!
For the Blog Hop I used  Carl I  You.
I LOVE..LOVE...LOVE all of Sandy's from images, but this one just makes my heart pitter patter just a little bit faster!!!  He is so "sauve"  looking!!  So my son loves Sandy and even calls her "Auntie" when he refers to her.  I showed him this card and he said , "Mom, can I write a letter to Auntie and send it?"  So you have mail coming from the little guy!! :) 

So, I hope that you had a chance to join the hop and see everyone's creations on today's challenge; which by the way is:

See you soon!!


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  1. Wheee! I love this image too! And it is so fabulously colored! I'm getting mail??? Yay! Oooooo! That is so cool!

    (Auntie) Sandy...